"I love to perform because theatre is where I feel like myself and where I can do what I love and be surrounded by community."

Lucy Domingo is a Seattle-based performer. She is pursuing her dream of Musical Theatre while engaging in a lot of her side interests.

Born in the Philippines, and living in the suburbs of Washington State, Lucy has seen all facets of the world. She loves to travel, her favorite food is sushi, and she loves puppies.

Lucy is also the host and founder of the Broadway Brains podcast where she interviews Broadway actors, directors, and more.

Lucy has studied under influential people in the industry such as Mary Kate Morrissey, Ginna Claire Mason, Desi Oakley, Chris Citera, and Talia Suskauer to name a few. She is working with THE VIRTUAL THEATRE CO as the Workshop Coordinator as well as being an Administrative Lead.

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Side Projects:

In addition to Musical Theatre, you can see Lucy in many other side projects. Lucy dabbles in Social Media, Website Designing, and being a virtual assistant. Lucy also has a talk show and a podcast interviewing Broadway stars. Be sure to check out Lucy's projects page to find out more.

In theatre, Lucy also is a stage manager, assistant director, and many other things along the lines.